Speargroup logo, S and G interlinked with a spear going through them
IWI Israel Weapons Industry logo from Speargroup Ltd

Speargroup is a supplier of specialist products to Police, Military and security organisations. Our background of ex serving officers & soliders, supported by technical & sales specialists from the brands we represent gives excellent capability to support organisations in enhancing their capability.


Careful to select unique and market leading products, we focus on ensuring the products we are offer are unique and innovative with premium quality. Operators do not want to be equipped with products that fail in service or require constant return to supplier for updates and servicing so select partner companies carefully and that offer quality back up.

ALS Amtec Less-Lethal Systems logo from Speargroup Ltd Meprolight logo from Speargroup Ltd Camero logo from Speargroup Ltd Bushido Tactical logo from Speargroup Ltd JMSG logo from Speargroup Ltd Point Blank Body Armor logo for Speargroup Thomas Lowe Defence logo for Speargroup