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These breeching tools have been designed and manufacturers in the USA by serving Fire Fighters who realised the need for a highly mobile, easy to carry set of entry tools that teams can carry with them during an operation.


Not designed to replace the heavier tools the JMSG's give you great mobility in confined spaces and also extra capability when time is a big issue.


Built from high spec materials and then hardened the tools easily extend to give full length thereby giving both leverage and swing weight. Combiend with the custom built Bushido carrier they are perfect for any intervention team.


The Prying Tool weighs 5.5 LBS and has an overall length of 14.5". Fully extended it is 23" long.The head of the tool is 2"x 6" long and has striking and prying capabilities.


The Sledge Hammer weighs 7.5 LBS and also has the same overall length dimensions as the prying tool The head is 2"x5" long and features a double sided head.