Speargroup logo, S and G interlinked with a spear going through them
About Speargroup

The team at Speargoup bring to your agency more than just product.


Our many years of operational experience in Special Operations, Military, Medical, Firearms, engineering and product development gives us the perfect background that brings not only great product section but can support you with a professional training program.


From Pyrotechnics training to current CQC best practice in the world of Law Enforcement, the team can provide certification courses that will give your staff the edge they need and will satisfy your department heads need for qualification in todays litigious world.


Not just our team, but specialists from the manufacturers we represent who support each product category and who are ready and willing to assist in full training and support to ensure you have not only the best products but the best training and product support too.


Speargroups back-room support team is there to ensure that its not just about the sale but the service and support you need long term.