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Pyrotecnic training


As fully qualified and backed by ALS, our instructors can provide full use, safety and if required tactics training of all the ALS & TLD products. From hand deployment right through to our incredibly flexible Threat Simultion Kit we can help teams to use devices safely and help instructors put real life pressures on to the students. From CQC through to Close protection and vehicle IED's we can provide cost effective ways to give your students the best possible chance if they are called to real life incidents.






Founded in 2007, our partners Bushido Tactical, specializes in providing quality, realistic based training to Armed Professionals. Their course curriculum varies from providing specialized firearm training to advanced tactics which includes live fire and simunition based training. They believe that this method of training will provide and prepare all students with realistic type scenarios, allowing them to experience close to real life encounters without themselves getting injured in training. So whether you are looking for defensive or tactical training we can provide a class that suits your departments needs.